I offer professional courtesy and privacy to all.

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Contact me before processing payment so we are sure I can fit a reading in. We first discuss the type of reading (s) you chose to work on during this time. You may present your photo(s) right away. I will need a few minutes to prepare to read as you are processing payment.

Photo Readings: You may post a photo of yourself or a loved one born into spirit world (I am unable to connect for babies at this time). The photos of yourself can be read for intuitive and/or past life. You may also choose counseling in which we work through  your choice of topic instead.

Astrology: I will need your date of birth to tell you what the stars say about you. (Takes 20 mins)

Tarot: You will get 3 cards of which you will be told the three cards that chose you right away.

A reading of the spread will follow.

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About Me

I have years of experience with tarot, clairessence, clairsentient, clairvoyance, premonition, mediumship,and telepathy.


Hello! I would like to offer my services to you. I would like to add that Spiritual Advisers are sometimes not meant to read certain people, photos, objects, etc. but when this happens it is likely the destiny of a different light worker that will become available to you instead. Only in this case of inability to connect do I offer a full or partial refund. Please visit my site and click "like" if you are happy with your reading. 99% accuracy so far. By law I am required to give a For Entertainment Purposes Only disclaimer in that I am not responsible for your thoughts or actions after a reading from me. 18+ Only. No Exceptions.

Love and Light xx

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"That was a great read on that photo! I think you are on to something in your methods" -- Shaw

"Cateyes you are a beautiful soul inside and out..you have a gift to help spirit and their loved ones to reunite...I have had a beautiful reading from you and also have seen u read for many in need...U are accurate...and simply amazing...Anyone would be lucky to get a reading from u at such a steal of a price"----Wolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readings

"Thank you for the reading on my photo you were 100% accurate in my reading I was a little shocked you could get so much just from a photo also thank you for being so honest x x"----Rosanne Phelan x

"You are a very talented lady . You done a picture reading for me from my grandad . You gave so much and I was truly blown away . Even after my reading I've asked you for help and you've given it me on more than 1 occasion which i am so grateful for . Lovely lovely person ♥ thank you so much xx" Melissa

"Amanda was amazing and helped answer many of my unanswered questions s from 2 of friends who passed away. She is amazing" Wendy cleveland

"wow..thank you Amanda Hudson for an amazing reading. you connected to me immediately and gave me insight as to where you seen me in my life right now with such accuracy.. you blew me away. your guidance to where i am headed confirmed me being on the path to success 'n happiness xxxx" Roma

"I got a photo reading from Amanda and she was very accurate with my situation and guided me forward. She is warm, good listener and worth of trying. Will come back again! "  Janette

"Very accurate and positive Reading Thank You Amanda " Unknown.

"Amanda did a photo reading for me on my mother who had passed for mother's day. She was fabulous & I highly recommend her. " Gypsy Woman

"Amanda's reading is amazing and accurate. She'll make you feel happy and light... " Thess

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